Sportsmatch TO4C 1″ Dovetail 2 Piece Scope Mounts


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Sportsmatch TO4C 1″ Dovetail 2 Piece Scope Mounts

Sportsmatch mounts will perfect your accuracy by ensuring a truly solid grip between your rifle and scope. This is assured even in most sever conditions – your point of impact will remain fixed.
These mounts are manufactured in Great Britain, using the highest quality precision engineered Aircraft materials and are trusted by a wide variety of shooters, from members of the Military Special Forces to Champion Target Shooters.

Suits up to 45mm lens diameter on most rifles.

Configuration: 2 Piece
Ring Size (Diameter): 1″
Height: Medium
Rail: Dovetail (3/8″) 9.5-11.5mm
Fixings (Rail & Top Cap): Double Hex Screw
Retractable ‘Recoil Stop’ Pin: Yes
Height: From bottom of clamp to bottom of scope tube – 19mm
Weight: 101 grams


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2 reviews for Sportsmatch TO4C 1″ Dovetail 2 Piece Scope Mounts

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nicely crafted in England. High quality finish and good strong bolts with clean threads. Very easy to fit and proper torque settings provided (can we have them in Nm as well as ft/lb please?).

    TO4C replaced repurposed TO2C single strap mounts from a low-recoil PCP which weren’t up to the recoil of my HW99S springer on my Hawke 2-7×32 AO IR which would move back in the mounts. With TO4C double-strap mounts zero now holds well. The height is just right too – enough clearance including with hinged lens caps on, but not over high. Recommended for similar rifle/scope combinations.

    Particular mention to Amazon delivery which worked really well. Don’t know if having Prime helped, but the mounts turned up a day earlier than predicted. Brilliant service from Wolfman goes without saying. Very happy!

  2. Mark Bensberg (verified owner)

    Remarkably, these mounts also fit my 1″ 50mm 5-15x SF IR 2013 Hawke Endurance (current equivalent 14296, but that has a 30mm tube) on the HW97K which has now replaced my 99S with 2-3mm to spare. Talk about close-to-bore-axis. The Hawke screw-in flip-up caps also still clear if you offset them between 45 and 90 degrees (narrowest part down), and the loading port is 99% unobstructed. Surprised … and delighted that this combination works.

    They will not/not fit a Hawke 50mm AO on the HW97K – side focus only. Not tried with a Hawke 44mm AO as I haven’t got one. Zero hasn’t moved on either the HW99S or HW97K since using these mounts. Hope this helps anyone buying a 1″ scope. Great mounts, and more versatile than you might imagine.

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