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Napier Air Gun UK Shop: Everything You Need in One Place.

Napier of London are one of the foremost names in gun care, both for firearms and for airguns. They have been an established brand for decades, and produce oils, sprays, care kits and other accessories used daily by professionals around the world. Their products are trusted to clean and protect the finest firearms and airguns on the market.

Napier gun care and corrosion control products are made exclusively in England to stringent quality and environmental standards ISO9000 and ISO14000. They use only quality assured raw materials, both made and processed in the UK. They are the official supplier of the BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) as well as firearms manufacturers Westley Richards and James Purdey.

Napier Air Gun Care Accessories for Sale at The Wolfman.

We stock Napierís best cleaning products, both on this page and in our online airgun care store. Thereís nothing you might need to keep your air rifle in top condition that you wonít find here! We sell Napierís:

  • Pull-Through Cleaning Kit
  • Universal Gun Cleaning Mat
  • Gun Cleaner Pump Spray, Gun Oil Pump Spray and Air Gun Grease
  • Air Gun Patches, Pellet Lube and Ultra Jag (12g and 20g)

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