Sportsmatch DM60 1″ Dovetail 1 Piece Scope Mounts


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Sportsmatch DM60 1″ Dovetail 1 Piece Scope Mount

Sportsmatch mounts will perfect your accuracy by ensuring a truly solid grip between your rifle and scope. This is assured even in most severe conditions – your point of impact will remain fixed.
These mounts are manufactured in Great Britain, using the highest quality precision engineered Aircraft materials and are trusted by a wide variety of shooters, from members of the Military Special Forces to Champion Target Shooters.

Suits up to 50mm lens diameter (Non AO) on most rifles.

Precision machined slide ways with rubber bushes help to prevent scope damage.

Configuration: 1 Piece
Ring Size (Diameter): 1″
Height: High
Rail: Dovetail (3/8″) 9.5-11.5mm
Fixings (Rail & Top Cap): Double Clamp
Retractable ‘Recoil Stop’ Pin: Includes removable arrestor pin
Height: From bottom of clamp to bottom of scope tube – 22mm
Weight: 160 grams


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