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Air Rifle Thermal Scopes

A thermal scope is an advanced optic device that uses heat signature imaging technology to detect infrared radiation and provide a crisp, clear view even in total darkness or challenging weather conditions. Equipping your air rifle with one of these high-tech scopes offers serious advantages for hunting, target shooting, and surveillance.

Key Benefits of Using a Thermal Imaging Scope

  • Detect prey in any lighting or weather thanks to heat signature viewing capabilities
  • Remain undetected when game stalking – a thermal scope emits no visible light
  • Track animals that are obscured behind brush, grass or trees by seeing their body heat
  • Extend hunting hours well before dawn and after dusk, when game is most active
  • Get more accurate shots on moving targets with the scope’s enhanced optics and thermal contrast

A quality thermal imager designed specifically for an air rifle gives the shooter a serious strategic edge. If you have questions or need help choosing a model with the features you need and budget, contact us.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Thermal Scope

Intended Use

The main options for using a thermal scope on an airgun are hunting and recreational shooting. Consider when, where and what kinds of game you’ll be targeting. Thermal optics excel at helping identify potential targets in low visibility situations like dense cover or near total darkness.


Key capabilities that influence performance are sensor resolution, image refresh rate, detection range, magnification power, and display quality. Additional beneficial traits are multiple colour display palettes, manual contrast control and intuitive menu controls.


Since air rifles are relatively lightweight compared to firearms, you’ll want a scope that balances well without throwing off your aim.

Selecting the Best Thermal Scope for Your Needs

When selecting a thermal imaging scope for your air rifle, compare models across key factors like image quality, detection range, optical magnification, ease of shooting operation, display and mode features, video capabilities, power systems, and price. 

Balancing performance specifications with your budget will help determine the best thermal scope for your air rifle needs and shooting conditions.

Shop with confidence at The Wolfman, where we offer an extensive selection of night vision scopes. Should you have any questions or require assistance in choosing the ideal model for your airgun, our team is readily available to assist you.


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Airgun Home Delivery

Here at The Wolfman, we are proud in offering Free Delivery on all air guns to mainland England and Wales. All orders placed before 5pm on Tuesday will be fulfilled that weekend. Almost all deliveries will take place on Saturday or Sunday. Please note we do not deliver to Scotland, Northern Ireland or offshore locations.

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RFD Delivery

We offer RFD delivery as an alternative to our normal Airgun Home Delivery service. With our comprehensive network of RFD’s located throughout England, Scotland and Wales, we can deliver your gun to them, allowing you to collect at your convenience.

As this is a service provided as a favour from your local gun shop, they charge a booking in and collection fee for handover, normally £25, payable on collection of your gun.

For any customers in Scotland, please ensure you have your Airgun permit prior to purchasing.

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