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Night Vision Lighting

Seeing your target clearly is key to accurate shooting and hunting success. Night vision lighting provides enhanced illumination to enable shooting in low light conditions and extend shooting hours. 

Types of Night Vision Lighting for Firearms

There are several types of night vision lighting made for weapons that improve visibility in dark environments:

Weapon Mounted Lights

Weapon mounted lights attach directly to an airgun’s rail system or barrel to cast illumination exactly where the weapon is aimed. Weapon lights are designed to withstand recoil and provide a hands-free light source optimised for shooting in the dark. 

Handheld Lights

Handheld lights can be held alongside a weapon to see downrange without mounting directly to the firearm. Many handheld tactical lights offer high lumen output and focused beams to identify targets at a distance. Some benefits include:

  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Ability to manoeuvre the light quickly
  • Don’t require mounting tools or rails

What to Look for in Night Vision Lighting

Here are key factors to consider when selecting night vision lighting for shooting and hunting:

Weapon Compatibility – Verify weapon lights fit your particular gun model’s mounting setup before purchasing. Also, check the weight to avoid throwing off the barrel balance. If you need help confirming compatibility, please do not hesitate to reach out to our expert team

Durability – Waterproof, impact-resistant lighting holds up to field use in rough conditions. 

Battery Life – Long run times prevent interruptions during extended outings. Quick recharge capability also keeps gear ready for action.

Control Interface – Intuitive controls make operating brightness levels and other settings easy, especially in dark conditions. Good ergonomics provide positive grip and easy manipulation.

Extend Your Shooting Capabilities with The Wolfman

The Wolfman offers a wide range of night vision rifle scopes and monoculars. Our experienced staff can match you with the ideal gear to extend your shooting and hunting into low light conditions.

We carry night vision products designed specifically for air guns and firearms from leading manufacturers. The brands are known globally for high-performance optics that amplify ambient light for clearer target views.

For expert advice on finding the right night vision accessories to suit your needs, contact our staff today. We help identify your performance requirements, shooting conditions, and budget to recommend the perfect setup.

The Wolfman guarantees secure online ordering and fast shipping across the UK. Shop top rated night vision products today.


Air Gun Delivery Info

Airgun Home Delivery

Here at The Wolfman, we are proud in offering Free Delivery on all air guns to mainland England and Wales. All orders placed before 5pm on Tuesday will be fulfilled that weekend. Almost all deliveries will take place on Saturday or Sunday. Please note we do not deliver to Scotland, Northern Ireland or offshore locations.

All deliveries within the UK must happen face-to-face. The person who orders the item, must be the same person to receive the item when we deliver it. They must also provide a valid Photo ID – we will only accept a Driving Licence or Passport. You must be over 18 to purchase any air gun or ammunition.

RFD Delivery

We offer RFD delivery as an alternative to our normal Airgun Home Delivery service. With our comprehensive network of RFD’s located throughout England, Scotland and Wales, we can deliver your gun to them, allowing you to collect at your convenience.

As this is a service provided as a favour from your local gun shop, they charge a booking in and collection fee for handover, normally £25, payable on collection of your gun.

For any customers in Scotland, please ensure you have your Airgun permit prior to purchasing.

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