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Shenzhen Pard Technology Limited is a professional night vision scope and thermal imaging scope manufacturer from Shenzhen, China. Their best-known products are their NV007 and NV008 lines, which are gradually making a name for Pard among serious hunting and shooting enthusiasts.

Pard Night Vision Scopes for Sale at The Wolfman.

What makes Pard night vision scopes worth stocking is that they are available at dramatically different price points, depending on the features available. Pard’s premium choice is the NV008P LRF, an HD digital night vision device with an in-built 600m laser rangefinder. It has a menu through which you can change the brightness and contrast for your comfort, comes with three different reticles in red or green, and has a one-shot zero function.

If you need to stick to a budget, you could try the NV007 instead. The NV007 is a scope add-on, so if you already have a scope and don’t want to replace it, you don’t have to. For information on this product or others, click through the links and boxes above to find out more.

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