ProShot Deluxe Air Rifle Cleaning Kit

ProShot Deluxe Air Rifle Cleaning Kit
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ProShot Deluxe Air Rifle Cleaning Kit

The ProShot Deluxe Cleaning kit is perfect for the avid shooter to keep their firearm in tip top condition. This makes it a great accessory for any shooter as well as the perfect gift. The cleaning kit comes with 3 Brass rods which are very strong and perfect for brushing and mopping the inside of the barrel to keep the rifling free of lead deposits and shooting accurately for years to come.

The kit also contains wires brushes and mops for both .177 and .22 calibres and the rods are universal with a large handle for pulling and pushing. This Deluxe kit also contains

A bottle of ProShot Precision A Grade Gun & Rifle Oil (30ml) and
A tub of ProShot Precision Gun Grease (10ml)
To ensure that your firearm is kept in tip top condition and functioning perfectly for years to come.

This product comes with a 1 year warranty.