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QYS Domed Heavy .177
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QYS Pellets UK: Everything You Need in One Place.

QYS (Qiang Yuan Sports) are a Chinese manufacturer that make competition-grade pellets for outdoor use. They were established in 1994, and were a well-known name in China—dominating 95% of the market through the 1990s—before they expanded to other countries around the world.

You can now find them for sale across Europe and the U.S., and their consistency and quality are quickly winning fans from seasoned pros: some of the best Olympic shooters use QYS pellets, winning three Gold Medals at Rio 2016, two at London 2012 and three at Beijing 2008. If you’d like to use the same pellets as Olympic medallists, and at prices comparable to other pellets, then choose QYS!

QYS Air Rifle Pellets for Sale at The Wolfman.

Our QYS pellets online store features flat, domed and pointed pellets in large packs of 500 each. We also offer sample packs for whichever kind you’d like to try.

If you’re not convinced on QYS, click on the links in our store to read specifications for each pellet, and look for our customers’ reviews, too. People say they are amazing quality, offer perfect consistency over 40 yards, and have convinced brand-loyal shooters to make the switch to QYS from their ammo of choice.

Why Choose The Wolfman for QYS Air Rifle Pellets?

Welcome to The Wolfman, where we take airguns just as seriously as you do. We have thirty years of experience in the industry, and we vet all of the airgun kit we sell so that you only get the very best.

We’re very proud to bring you our QYS pellet range because they offer unparalleled precision at a sensible price. But if you want more choice, want to compare prices or reviews, or just want to browse, head over to our airgun ammunition page. We stock .177, .22, .25 and .20 calibre pellets as well as domed, flat, pointed and streamlined nose ammo, all from the best manufacturers in the industry. If you can’t find it in our online store, it’s not worth getting!