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Raytex Gun Covers UK: Everything You Need in One Place.

Raytex air rifle slips are perfect for protecting your expensive kit. They have fleece lining and padding for protection, come in different shapes and sizes to fit different airguns, and have leather-style end-pieces to provide extra muzzle protection during travel. They feature comfortable webbing straps that make even heavy air rifles and shotguns easy to carry, and are 100% waterproof. In short, they offer everything you need from an airgun cover.

Raytex Rifle Slips for Sale at The Wolfman.

We stock Raytex airgun slips in several shapes and sizes so that no matter what kit you carry, you can find what you need right here. So for example, we offer:

  • Raytex air rifle slips in three sizes, 42” 44” and 50”
  • Raytex extra-deep air rifle slips in three sizes, 42” 46” and 50” (ideal for scoped rifles)
  • -Raytex padded shotgun slip in five sizes (46”/48”/50”/52”/54”)

We also stock a Raytex cartridge box that easily holds 200 cartridges. It’s made from the same material as the Raytex slips, so is durable and waterproof, and has the same easy-carry webbing.

Why Choose The Wolfman for Raytex Air Gun Accessories?

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This is our Raytex page, where you can find some of the best airgun slips available online. If you’re not sure whether Raytex are for you, then take a look at our dedicated gun slips page where you can find other brands like Elite Essentials, Jack Pyke and ProShot.

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