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MTC King Cobra 4-16×50 F2

New to the MTC Optics range is the King Cobra 4-16×50 F2. This super-clear and bright scope comes adorned with luxurious appointments throughout, not least its copper embellishments that affirm MTC’s premium status in the optics world.

The first in a series of new King Cobra products being launched this year, the 4-16×50 F2 sports distinctive copper-coloured accents, including a front band, side plates and a stylish new copper-coloured MTC Optics logo.

As usual with all MTC scopes, the King Cobra 4-16 x 50 F2 features MTC’s SCB2 multi-aimpoint reticle. Set in the second focal plane (SFP), it ensures plenty of aimpoints to counter trajectory and windage deviation without obscuring the target.

To maintain a bright sight picture, the F2’s 30mm tube has been matched to a high-quality, 50mm objective lens that’s been specially coated to maximise light-to-eye transmission for a bright, clear image on every zoom setting. The centre of the reticle can be illuminated red, to one of six brightness levels to suit any lighting scenario, this scope sees the day long after the sun has dipped below the horizon!

The new scope also features click-stop adjustment in MILs (1 click =1cm at 100m), actuated via lockable, finger-adjustable elevation and windage turrets.

Of relevance to airgunners is this scope’s ability to parallax down to just 10 metres via a smooth sidewheel. And in common with many other MTC Optics models, the King Cobra 4-16×50 F2 comes complete with a set of magnetic flip covers, the rear one of which contains a 2x magnifier to help  shooters read the parallax and turret verniers.

King Cobra 4 – 16 x 50 F2 features

Second Focal Plane reticle: offers multiple aim points without obscuring the target.
Glass-etched crosshair: design exclusive to MTC Optics
Edge-to-edge multi-coated lenses: bright, clear picture quality
Side parallax adjustment: eliminates parallax error and assists in range-finding
10-metre minimum focus: suitable for airgun use and ultra-close-range shooting
Reticle illumination: assists with tricky background and lighting scenarios
30mm body tube: more substantial build quality and light transmission
Magnetic, rotating flip-up lens cover: fast and practical protection for lenses when in the field
Fully water, fog and shock proof: increases longevity of the scope
Nitrogen purged: internal regulation of scope’s high-end performance

SCB2 Reticle

The Small Calibre Ballistic (SCB) reticle offers an incredible amount of aim points with a floating cross for clear and accurate target acquisition. This is ideal for use on small targets. The 1 mil dot square around the cross gives a rapid acquisition for small fast moving targets such as rats. When shooting at small targets or when bullet drop becomes critical the versatility of this reticule becomes clear.

Technical Specifications

Magnification – 4-16x

Objective Lens – 50mm

FOV @ 100m – 8.2m / 2m

Diopter Adj – +/-2

Eye Relief – 105mm-100mm

Parallax Setting – 10m -infinity

Adj per click – 1 click=1cm @ 100 metres

Max Windage Adj – 10 MIL

Max Elevation Adj – 10 MIL

Tube – 30mm

Illuminated reticle with separate on/off and brightness control

Length – 360mm

Weight – 750g


Magnification  4-16x
Objective Lens 50mm
FOV @ 100 yds 8.2m / 2m
Diopter Adj +/-2
Eye Relief 105mm-100mm
Parallax Setting 10m -infinity
Adj per click 1 click=1cm @ 100 metres
Max Windage Ad 10 MIL
Max Elevation Adj 10 MIL
Tube 30mm
Illumination Illuminated reticle with separate on/off and brightness contro
Length 360mm
Weight 750g

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