RWS Hobby .22


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RWS Hobby .22

Flathead pellets with ribbed tail section designed primarily for Target and Hobby shooting. A popular choice thanks to its combination of consistent quality and a favourable price.

Tins of 500

5.5mm – 11.9gr


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2 reviews for RWS Hobby .22

  1. Lee T

    A lighter pellet so definitely best for shorter distances, but very accurate in flight and the flat head punches perfect holes through paper targets.

  2. Martin

    These group well in my pellet-fussy BSA Lightning at 12-20 yards (as do most of the lighter RWS pellets). Well made and good value for what they are. Punch nice neat round holes in paper and card targets, but also accurate and able to do enough damage to take out squirrels and pigeons at close range too.

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