RWS Hyperdome .177


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RWS Hyperdome .177

The RWS Hyperdome is a very light pellet with a bulldog head shape and excellent penetration power. Due to its low weight, it is faster than comparable standard products of the respective calibre. It has a technically highly developed tin alloy and a brilliant high-speed finish. This new development from RWS is completely lead-free, and as a result environmentally friendly and protects the barrel. The RWS Hyperdome is highly accurate and achieves very dense shot groups. For this reason, it is perfectly suitable for field target and silhouette shooting.

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4.5mm – 5.5gr


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1 review for RWS Hyperdome .177

  1. Robert Nelson

    Better grouping than some I’ve tried, I was shooting seated freehand at 15 yards with a Remington express compact that puts out 9.5 foot pounds energy with h&n ftt 4.52cal.
    Scary thing was I shot a tin air freshener can (pressurised) with 3 they went through the can and pellet deep into an industrial strength nylon block with minimal defamation of the pellet. So on prey definitely possible over penetration could be a problem

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