BSA Premium Pellet Sampler .177


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BSA Premium Pellet Sampler .177

A selection of their finest airgun pellets including the excellent dome headed Goldstar, hollow pointed Blackstar, hollow expander Silverstar and their eco friendly lead free Greenstar.

BSA Pellet Characteristics:

Ultimate swaged airgun pellets with tight weight and form tolerances providing high precision and accuracy.

Soft lead for increased energy transfer and expansion

BSA pellets are extensively tested and suited for BSA guns


Goldstar .177 – 60 pellets

Blackstar .177 – 60 pellets

Silverstar .177 – 70 pellets

Greenstar .177 – 60 pellets

Polaris .177 – 70 pellets


Multi Tin Discount Buy any mix of tins for money off!
2+ 5%
5+ 10%
10+ 15%

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