Magnetic Knock Down Airgun Pellet Trap Target Gallery


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Magnetic Knock Down Airgun Pellet Trap Target Gallery

This superb magnetic knock down pellet trap promises hours of fun with your air rifle or air pistol and even better there are no batteries needed. The special angled design was specially developed to minimize ricochets, catch your spent pellets, and increase your shooting time!

Features a heavy metal construction and an attractive powder coating. The quality and functionality of this item easily makes it the centerpiece of your shooting gallery setup. Practice your air gun shooting skills in style and comfort.

4 + 1 targets to serve as a great training aid. The animals stay down after being shot, but then once you have shot the outer 4 rats, you can hit the centre target and it will reset the rest.

Perfect fun either on your own or with friends. Hold an air pistol shooting competition with your friends and see who can shoot with the highest accuracy and consistency.

Suitable for air rifles, sub 12ft/lbs – do not use with high power rifles.

Dimensions- H:20cm W:22cm L:49cm
Targets are 4.5cm in diameter and 0.2cm thick
Weight: 4.7kg


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