Weihrauch HW100 Single Shot Magazine


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Weihrauch HW100 Single Shot Magazine

Designed to enhance your shooting experience, the Weihrauch HW100 Single Shot Magazine offers the utmost in precision and control. This German-engineered accessory is the ideal complement to your HW100 air rifle, ensuring flawless performance with every shot.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Crafted from durable steel, the Single Shot Magazine outperforms any 3D printed inauthentic aftermarket model on the market. Every aspect of its design has been carefully considered, resulting in a product that is not only robust but also exceptionally user-friendly.

Ease of Use

This magazine is as easy to fit as it is to use. Its clever design allows for a simple reload – just cock the rifle, and the clip pops out, ready to be refilled. It’s an efficient solution that gives you more time to focus on your aim and less on managing your ammo.


Offering compatibility with both .177 and .22 caliber pellets, this magazine provides versatility to match your shooting needs. Whether you’re trying out new pellet sample packs or simply enjoying some pest control, this Single Shot Magazine adapts to your requirements.

Precision Shooting

The Single Shot Magazine is ideal for those who prefer a measured approach to shooting or participate in HFT events. It encourages a deliberate rhythm, enabling you to assess each shot more carefully, improving your accuracy and conservation of pellets.

Long-Term Investment

Despite being a premium product, this magazine pays for itself over time. With less air and pellet wastage, you’ll find it’s a cost-effective addition to your HW100. Its reliable, faultless operation even after years of use further underscores its value for money.

The Weihrauch HW100 Single Shot Magazine offers a seamless blend of quality, functionality, and ease of use. It’s a worthy investment for any HW100 owner looking to enhance their shooting experience and precision.



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3 reviews for Weihrauch HW100 Single Shot Magazine

  1. Gary Reece

    I bought this magazine for my HW100. It is an excellent piece of engineering. It pops out the reloading tray when you pull the reloading lever on the rifle.Reliable and efficient.

  2. Norman Chapman

    Speedy dispatch and delivery and excellent service

  3. Paul wright

    Five stars

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