Self Resetting Spinning Steel Target 5 Set


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Self Resetting Spinning Steel Target 5 Set

These quality steel spinning targets are easy to use and can be used almost anywhere! They are lightweight and portable, but also strong enough to be hit and reset time and time again.

Just shoot the 4 bottom targets until they rest on the bar, then shoot the top target to let them all fall and reset the set. This simple but ingenious design is great for either field target practice, or adding some extra fun to your plinking setup!

Made of high quality steel, each target is 0.2cm thick so will last for a long time.

Each pack comes with 10 stickers to use and is already assembled, so no need to faff about with parts just put the stickers on the targets and you are ready to go.

Suitable for air rifles, sub 12ft/lbs – do not use with high power rifles.

Dimensions- H:34cm W:27cm L:20cm
Targets are 4.5cm in diameter and 0.2cm thick
Weight: 0.9kg


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