Wolfman Heavy Duty Pellet Trap

Wolfman Heavy Duty Pellet TrapWolfman Heavy Duty Pellet TrapWolfman Heavy Duty Pellet Trap
Wolfman Heavy Duty Pellet Trap
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Wolfman Heavy Duty Pellet Trap

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Made from our local Suffolk blacksmith, these high quality, British-made steel targets are ideal for any airgunner. From backyard plinkers, to FT shooters, these pellet traps ensure no pellets will ricochet away from the holder.

Designed to hold 17x17cm targets, you can use this target holder for most targets on the market, as well as our own Wolfman high quality card targets too.

These holders have a 2mm thick steel plate as well as a high density foam block, to absorb the impact and dissipate any energy. This means that the holder will last a very long time, and reduce the chance of any ricochets to leave the trap.

Each trap comes with a hole in the back, allowing it to be hung from a nail or point, elevating it away from the ground.
Please note card targets and nails are not included.

In the UK, you must be over 18 to purchase any air gun or ammunition.

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